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Immersion Entertainment Studios was founded in 2015 (as Immersion Magazine), on the simple idea that independent artists should have a place to promote their work on a professional level; at a high caliber which reaches the masses – all in collaboration with a team harboring a driving force of passion, dedication and love of the Entertainment Industry. We have expanded our Studios from Minneapolis to Los Angeles. We are a team of independent artists ourselves, that work in Film, Fashion and Music – taking a different approach in the Entertainment Industry, and stepping away from the norm.


As an Entertainment Studio, we provide the resources and networks you need, by producing internal projects and live events in Film, Fashion and Music. These include: films, fashion shows, musical tours/shows; professional workshops, networking events, award ceremonies and marketing services. All projects are guaranteed paid (if hired/cast) – you are also guaranteed to be seen by a casting/project director if you submit yourself or your work. The best part – Immersion provides the ideal atmosphere that allows all Creators and Performers to give their best, while working alongside a team of seasoned working artists.


If you are an independent Creator or Performer in Film, Fashion and/or Music (writer, screenwriter, actress/actor, fashion designer, model, songwriter and/or musician – or any artist passionate about the aforementioned industries) – we want to hear from you!

You will have the opportunity to interview or audition, after submitting your work or undeniable interest for review – please take note of the timelines on our JOBS/CASTINGS page for future opportunities with Immersion Entertainment Studios **you will never be charged a fee to audition, interview or submit**

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