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Immersion Creative Studios & Entertainment was founded in 2015 (as Immersion Magazine), on the simple idea that independent artists should have a place to showcase their work on a professional level, and at a high caliber which reaches the masses – all in collaboration with a team harboring a driving force of passion, dedication and love of all art. We are fueled by the success of our team, collaborators and clients alike, so you know we take our work seriously.

We are a team of independent artists ourselves, that work in the Film, Fashion and Music Industries – making art come alive across all mediums. From screenplays and film production, fashion shows and shoots; to album recording and musician touring… we strive to provide the resources to make your art the next hottest thing – all while embracing the independence of each party.



Whether you are a creator or performer; up and coming or seasoned industry artist – Immersion Creative Studios & Entertainment will connect you.

If you are an independent artist in film, fashion and/or music (writer, screenwriter, actress/actor, fashion designer, model, songwriter and/or musician – or any artist passionate about the aforementioned industries) – we want to hear from you!

You will have the opportunity to interview or audition (for free), after submitting (also free) your work or undeniable interest for review.



If you receive an invitation to join our network and talent team, after a successful interview or audition…

Your career is already on the rise! We pride ourselves with our exclusive team of industry professionals and ability to provide professional development opportunities. Once you’ve been asked to join, you will have access to opportunities and discounted perks not found anywhere else – here’s what to look forward to (you will never be charged to audition, interview or submit):

— professional workshops

— discounted self-marketing materials (we promote you)

— industry mixers

— regularly paid projects and live events (guaranteed to be seen by casting/hiring teams)

— performance opportunities and award shows

the list goes on…


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